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Anthropometry Rig
The Auto-Masters' Anthropometry Rig has been designed to enable body measurements of air crew to be taken quickly, easily and accurately, with minimum fatigue to the operator even when several people are to be measured consecutively.

The subject to be measured is first seated on the stool with the trunk straight.  The stool height is then adjusted by the operator until a line from the trochanter to the epicondyle is horizontal with the feet flat on the floor and the shins vertical.

The following measurements can then be made: - 
1. Standing Height
2. Cervical Height
3. Acrimal Height
4. Axilla Height
5. Waist Height
6. Standing Knee Height
7. Crotch Height
8. Finger Tip Height
9. Buttock Heel Length
10. Sitting Knee Height
11. Buttock Knee Length
12. Functional Reach
13. Sitting Height
14. Sitting Knee Height
15. Sitting Eye Height

This Picture shows pressure plates behind subject's shoulders to prevent stretching during functional reach measurement.

All measurements are read off the scales in metric units (or imperial if requested).

In order to further speed the throughput of subjects and to ease the burden of the operator, Auto-Masters offers a computerised version of the Anthropometry Rig.

This is accomplished by the fitting of position transducers to all 6 axes which are connected to a data acquisition unit and PC system.  On each axis there is an 'Enter' push-button which causes the computer to store the measurement for that axis.

The subject is positioned in the rig, each measurement slide moved to the desired position and the 'enter' push button de-pressed.  If any measurement falls outside previously defined maximum and minimum limits an audible warning is sounded.  When all the measurements have been taken the computer automatically displays the results on a colour monitor and prints them out on a dot matrix printer.  This data is then stored on a database for further analysis.

As a further option Auto-Masters offer a fully integrated weight measurement system into the base of the rig.  This unit is then connected to the computer and Height/Weight tables can be incorporated into the software if required.