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Sideweld & Skirt Sideweld Bag Machine Sideweld + Skirt Sideweld Bag Machine
Key Features
  • Three widths available 1000mm,1250mm and 1500mm

  • High speed sideweld up to 250 cpm with sealing roll

  • Skirt-sideweld using hot wire and flying knife for clean cut even on glue applications

  • Bottom Weld using hot wire and flying knife

  • Programmable weld time from 5/1000 to 10 seconds without affecting  draw speed

  • Pick-off timing adjustable from keypad

  • Software written in house

  • Bag retarders give superior stacking at high speed

  • UK designed and built from quality European components

  • Direct manufacturer support

  • Full range of ancillary equipment

  • Low maintenance

  • Rapid changeover between sealing systems

  • Single or twin track operation

  • Excellent access for thread up  and maintenance

  • All Parameters including draw length and weld time can be changed 'On the fly'

Sideweld & Skirt Sideweld Bag Machine

All Harnden PP Machines open to allow access for maintenance to draw rollers, sealing heads, and sealing roller.