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* Greater Flexibility
* Higher Volume Output
* Increased Profit
* Simultaneous processing of two printed webs.
* Handles two different draw lengths simultaneously.
* Operates single track up to full working width.
* Full compliment of attachments available.
* Sealing Options: Sideweld, Bottomweld, Skirt-Sideweld & Pouch Seal.
* Working Widths: 1M, 1.25M and 1.5M

Example Illustrated Above - Model PP1250T

Configured to produce anti-static and moisture barrier bags with the following attachments:
* Edge Guided Unwinds & In-line Centrefold
* Hot Foil Printers
* Pouch Sealing Heads
* Double Bottomweld Sealing Heads to Produce Skirt-Sideweld & Bottomweld Bags.

Combined Edge Guided Unwind and Inline Centrfold Unit is a space saving option for twin folding work. The unit is fitted with a turner bar system which allows left or right-hand print to be run down either side of the bag machine, alternative web path allows customers the option to run tube material up to full working width of the machine using guided unwind.

Power Driven Unwinds with pneumatic loading can also be supplied as alternative to the ones illustrated.

All unwinds are supplied with air shafts, pneumatic disc braking and safety chucks as standard.


Pouch Sealing Heads   
* Robust construction giving flat even seal across full working width.
* Pneumatically operated upper and lower sealing jaws.
* Automatic Heat Shields to protect the web when stationary.
* Individual Temperature Control for upper and lower sealing jaws.
* Adjustable Position via rack and pinion for synchronisation.
* Longitudinal Sealing Heads available for three sided weld.
Hot Foil Printers

Supplied and fitted to customerís specification.