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High Volume CNC Outside Radius Grinder - Model ORG/AA/CNC
ORG_CNC1.jpg (44345 bytes)

Available optional attachments

  • Wear groove attachment

  • Automatic loader for incorporation into  conveyor fed line

  • Incorporated block line, IRG/CNC combination

Developed from our range of successful conventional Outside Radius Grinding Machines, this next generation machine is designed to replace standard machines which use expensive, inflexible tooling to produce parallel and taper linings.

This new model offers many advantages over traditional machines including:

  • Ability to grind taper and parallel linings from a simple low cost cylindrical fixture drum made to the inside radius of the block at up to 26 blocks per minute.

  • One fixture drum can be used to grind any product reference with a matching Inside Radius and so fixture costs are greatly reduced

  • Improved change over time, tooling changes only required when changing to another inside radius product