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Low volume Block/Slab Slitter - Model SS/M

CNC Slab Slitter - Model SS/CNC

Slab Gang Slitter - Model SS/G

Low volume slab slitting machine CNC slab slitting machine Moulded slab gang slitting machine

Low volume slitting machine for slabs and moulded blocks, this machine is ideal for small batches.

Production rates are determined by the arc length and the thickness of the brake blocks to be produced, typical cut time 17 to 25 seconds per block

Ideal for producing batches of cut blocks from moulded slabs, this machine is designed for customers who need high accuracy and have medium batch sizes.

A CNC controlled slitting head can slit up to 600 slabs per 8 hour day, depending on length of slab and number of cuts required.



The machine is purchased by customers who need to produce high volumes of brake blocks from moulded slabs.

Slabs up to 915mm ( 36") can be cut into a number of individual blocks in one pass. The machine can process four complete slabs per minute.