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Outside Radius Grinder - Model ORG/M

Outside Radius Grinder - Model ORG/PF

Outside Radius Grinder - Model ORG/HA/AA

CNC Outside Radius Grinder - Model ORG/CNC

Low volume manual outside radius grinder Low volume outside radius grinder with optional power feed attachment High volume outisde radius grinder High volume CNC outside radius grinder
Low volume hand loaded machine for small volume producers of parallel and taper linings.

Grinding is carried out by rotating the work fixture past the wheel by hand lever.

Fixtures for parallel and taper blocks available.

Low volume machine fitted with hand powered fixture as ORG/M for taper linings.

Powered feed attachment fitted for high volume production of parallel blocks

High volume machine for the  production of   parallel and taper curved brake linings in quantity at up to 26 blocks per minute.

Semi-automatic loading of brake blocks before grinding and automatic unloading and stacking of brake blocks are available as optional extras.

High volume machine developed and designed to replace  our successful conventional  machines, which use expensive, inflexible tooling to produce parallel and taper linings.

The CNC machine has the advantage of being able to grind taper and parallel linings from a  low cost cylindrical drum

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